Mountains Rich in Ancient Tastes

Such a beautiful territory could not be poor in unique and intense tastes. The relationship between nature and products is the result of a millenary history, a non-stop interdependence which on the one side has shaped the main features of the current landscape and on the other side has led to the production of genuine food with unmistakable tastes. Therefore, here you will find both natural beauties and quality products: the Park territory, combining its natural richness with human skills, has led to the creation of unique and matchless agri-foodstuffs, known and appreciated all over the world.
PDO Parma Raw Ham and PDO Parmigiano-Reggiano cheese are the real local delicacies, whose success depends on the local genuine and natural raw materials guaranteed by strict production specifications, the competence of professional workers, and the efficient safeguard and enhancement rules established by the respective Consortiums. Besides these famous products, the territory also boasts further precious local products and an authentic gastronomic tradition, both based on the most genuine local "ingredients" (berries, herbs, potatoes, mushrooms, chestnuts, game...).

Local products
Local products
Carlo Rabaglia of trattoria 'Da Vigion'
Carlo Rabaglia of trattoria 'Da Vigion'
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Marmalade, Jam, Liquors, Herb Teas, Products in Oil
The Park territory offers many wild fruits and spontaneous herbs that represent in any season a good occasion to be transformed in many different products that can be eaten all year round. Fruits, berries, herbs can also be used as an aromatic base for...
Category: Preserves
Spongata di Corniglio
Spongata is a traditional Christmas dessert characteristic of the territories situated between Emilia-Romagna, Tuscany, and Liguria, consisting of a cover of crunchy dough and a soft and rather spiced filling. The hypotheses about the origins of Spongata...
Category: Sweets
Parmigiano-Reggiano PDO
Parmigiano-Reggiano has a necessary link with its area of origin. In the Provinces of Parma, Reggio Emilia, Modena, Bologna on the left bank of the river Reno and Mantova on the right bank of the river Po, both the milk production and the cheese processing...
Category: Cheese
Cornigliese Sheep
It is a breed characterized by big-size sheep, with the head without horns in both males and females and long, large, and hanging ears. The head and the end of the legs are black-spotted. The white fleece (sometimes spotted too) covers also the belly,...
Category: Autochthonous Breed and Meat
Parma Ham PDO
Parma Ham is a totally natural product: its only ingredients are pork meat and salt. The secret of Parma Ham lies in the skills of its salting experts, the scented air of the hills of Parma, and the long and patient maturation process. As a matter of...
Category: Cold Cuts
Not having grapes due to altitude and economic hardships, until the 1950s it was common in all the high Emilian valleys to produce "al ven e pom", or "Apple wine", the Cider.   Cider is an alcoholic beverage of ancient origin, obtained from the...
Category: Further Products
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