Parco Naturale Regionale Costa Otranto - S.Maria Leuca - Bosco Tricase
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Castro coast-Santa Cesarea Terme (photo by PR Costa Otranto - S.M.Leuca - Bosco Tricase)
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Otrantini pastures - Torre Sant'Emiliano (photo by Francesco Minonne)
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Geological structure (photo by PR Costa Otranto - S.M.Leuca - Bosco Tricase)

Along the Otranto Leuca route, by way of the Tricase wood, an exciting coast-to-coast journey between nature, art and culture

With a coast longer than fifty kilometers and a territory extending over 3,200 hectares, it is the biggest among the regional parks established in the province of Lecce. A road with a thousand hairpin turns is the historic spine of a breathtaking landscape: from the terraced olive groves to the cliffs overlooking the sea it is a natural show to know and to protect, even in its most secret corners. It is not by chance that here, where the last stretch of the Adriatic Sea makes way for the Ionian Sea, a great Protected Area was established with a Regional Law in 2006 and became part of Salento's nature reserves and parks network. It is a long area between two historic strongholds of the coast: Torre del Serpe - an old lighthouse of Roman origin, place of the legendary events told by Maria Corti in her "Il canto delle sirene" (Siren Song) -  opens the Park's door in Italy's easternmost point (Palascìa), and leads us to a fascinating itinerary among charming inlets, pastures, pinewoods, olive groves, small forests and deep canals up to the big lighthouse of Leuca, reaching that "Finis terrae" where also Italy ends and looks at another continent.

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Surface Area: 3'227.00 ha
Provinces: LE
Establishment: 2006
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