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Gruppo Ambientalista Silis Morgano Nature-environmental service, guided visits in the resurgences area
Via Morgana, 20 - 31050 Morgano TV - Tel. +39 360321918 Carlo Ivano De Marchi
Azienda Agricola Cervara Cavalli S. Cristina di Quinto Visits, Tours, Tours along the river Sile by boat, Farming Museum, Didactic-Naturalistic Tour by carriage Via Padovana, 20 - 31055 Quinto di Treviso (TV) - Tel. +39 0422 477100 Libralato Giorgio
Pro Loco del Comune di Morgano Badoere di Morgano Bike rental (max. 50, with child seats and no. 2 bikes for children) for ecological tours by bike, Sunday trips, tours Piazza Indipendenza, 42 - 31050 Badoere di Morgano (TV) President of the Local Tourist Board: Gerardo Gagliardi +39 347 7890146, Tel. and Fax Head Offices: +39 0422 837219 - mobile Head Offices: +39 333 7941723
Oasi Naturalistica di Cervara S. Cristina di Quinto di Treviso Guided Visit and Environmental Education Activities, Trips by boat in the marshes and along the river Sile, Bike Hire Service (in collaboration with the Coop. "La Casa di Michela"), Exhibition about the marsh wild fauna, Working Mill with didactic aims dating back to 1300, Botanic Garden, Marsh Cabin, Fish Pool, Birdwatching, etc. Oasi di Cervara s.r.l. Società di Gestione
Tel. +39 0422 23815 (Office) - E-mail:
Oasi di Trepalade
(Associazione Ornitologica Basso Piave)
Trepalade di Quarto d'Altino Visits, Didactics, Naturalistic Visitor Center, Didactics in the classrooms, Thematic Library, Rehabilitation of wounded animals Via Raffaello, 12 - 30020 Portegrandi (VE) Capitanio Bruno
Tel.  +39 0422 6789041
Silis escursioni
(F.lli Stefanato di Stefanato Leodomante e C.)
Casale sul Sile Tours by boat for large groups Via G. Garibaldi, 11 - 31032 Casale sul Sile (TV)
Tel. +39 0422 788663 - +39 0422 788671 - +39 335 5245599 - +39 336 422090
Stefanato Glauco
Sorgenti del Sile (Associazione Volontariato Alcedo Atthis) Casacorba di Vedelago Visits, Didactics, Naturalistic-wildlife Visits, Preparation of booklets, videos, slides Via IV Novembre, 8 - 35017 Piombino Dese (PD) Peron Fabio - Tel. +39 049 9365343 (home) - +39 041 2571316 (office)
Sorgenti del Sile, Paludi di Istrana
(Cooperativa Oikos)
Casacorba di Vedelago Naturalistic-wildlife Visits, Training Courses Via Bissuola 92/f - 30173 Mestre (VE) Roccaforte Paolo - Tel. +39 041 614176 - +39 338 7688499
Sorgenti e Alto Corso del Sile (Gruppo Ambientalista Silis) Casacorba di Vedelago e S. Cristina di Quinto Visits, Didactics, Environmental Recovery, Naturalistic-wildlife visits, Preparation of videos, pictures, Didactic Exhibits Via S. Martino, 35 - 31050 Morgano (TV) Ferdinanda Salvini - Tel. +39 0422 739897

Syntesis (Società Cooperativa)

Mestre Social and cultural services and didactic services with authorized tour guides. They provide social and cultural services in the territory and didactic services, including tours and visits to historical museums Via Genova - 30175 Mestre (VE) Massimo Tonnicello - Tel. +39 041 5311460
Travelsport... outdoor activities
Tours on foot, by canoe, and by mountain bike along the river Sile, multisport weekend and holidays along the river Sile; canoes and kayaks with the relative paddles and approved lifebelts, 25 mtb (front suspended), 25 helmets, qualified professional tour guides.

di TASC srl
Via Vittorio Veneto, 86 - 31032 Casale sul Sile (TV)
Tel. and Fax +39 0422 788846 - Infoguide +39 340 4823384 - E-mail: - Web:

Associazione Mountain Bike Italia (Silebikedintorni) Treviso Guided tours with qualified Tour Guide-Animator (Scuola Italiana Maestri di Mountain Bike) in Sile River Park (by Mountanbike or City Bike) Qualified Tour Guide: Mattiuzzo Daniele Vicolo Paludetti C131100 - Treviso - +39 347 6859164 - E-mail: - Web:

Hikes and guided visits - Festivals and events

Many opportunities to carry out hikes, guided visits and didactic activities along the Sile on foot, by bike...

Local Associations (Hikes and guided visits - Festivals and events)

Hikes by boat

Sailing Companies

Bike rental

Moving by bike, also for large groups, no need to bring your own bike but you can find one on the spot...

Bike rental

Canoe rental

Moving with canoes, kayaks and rafts.

Further services

Travelling with a guide: visits with a tourist guide for a great travel experience discovering the territory.

Further services

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