Baschi, Civitella del Lago, Salveregina

  • Trail Conditions: On foot
  • Interest: Flora, Panorama, Photography
  • Departure: Baschi
  • Duration: 7 hour/s
  • Difficulty Level: E - Hiking (level)
  • Length: 17 km

From Baschi, proceed towards the cemetery taking Via dell'Annunziata upwards and following a vertical trail sign for Civitella del Lago. After passing the cemetery, the street levels out and becomes unsurfaced, later crossing a tarmac road, which you take to the left and follow until an ample right hand curve. At this point, take an unsurfaced road on the left which, among grapevines and olive trees, with a panoramic view on the lake of Corbara, at first on plain then in light descent, will take you to a four-way intersection, near the agrotourism "Le Macchia". From the intersection turn to the right on the street and begin to descend with a lovely panoramic view on the lake, pass a farmhouse and a stall and make a curved descent. Leave on the right a fountain, now captated, and you will reach a fork in the road near a farmhouse and the lake banks. Continue on the right at a curve and enter the woods keeping to the left at the next two forks; you will exit again near some buildings which host accommodating facilities. Then you leave the street you are walking on (which shortly reunites with a tarmac) turning right towards a field road, intersecting the tarmac road near Case Vecchie/Cerreto. Continue now to the right on the tarmac road towards Civitella del Lago, which you can catch a glimpse of, reachable from here in just a few kilometres. Rising towards the inhabited centre, you pass the bridge of the Argentario and, at a hairpin turn, leave the tarmac for an unsurfaced road which leads downwards on the left, then keep to the right at the following forks; in short time, proceeding uphill, you will reach the hamlet of Civitella. Leave the hamlet in the direction of Scoppieto, before which, at a left-hand curve, you will see the trail signs for the archaeological excavation sites and the Pasquarella Hermitage. Follow these signs, advancing into the woods on a white road and turn immediately to the left. Follow the trail and you will meet a fork in the road: turning left you reach the excavation sites of Scoppieto. Continue to the right and in a very short distance take the visible trail on your right, following the signs for Pasquarella. The trail immediately splits into two branches: follow the left one (red and white signs) walking through Mediterranean vegetation, first in light and later in steeper terraced descent; from here, in some points, the view opens on the deep trenches of Acquaviva and Pasquarella. You reach the Hermitage encased in the rock and shortly after also the parking lot and the dirt valley bottom road which, followed to the left, after having passed under the overpass of SS224 Baschi-Todi, climbs up again and joins that same highway.

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