Gastronomic Features
When talking about the products of Tevere River Park, it is necessary to highlight three characterizing features:
- the river and lake section characterized by water;
- the hills characterized by vineyards and olive groves;
- the mountains very rich in forests.
Therefore, first of all fish, the waters are very rich in: you can fish pike, whitefish, perch, catfish, carp, trout, chub, grass carp, and sheat-fish. The hills are covered with vineyards and olive groves: the oil has obtained the PDO Umbria Colli Orvietani label and is particularly fine.
Last but not least, wine: there are some of the most famous wine producers (Decugnano, Barberani, Orvieto DOC, Corbara DOC, Falesco, Salviano wine, Grechetto di Todi). Here the Etruscan-Roman wine road crossing the territory touches very important cellars. The forests offer game, above all wild boar, skillfully cooked according to ancient traditional recipes. Then mushrooms, wild berries, honey, and, above all, chestnuts, one of the products which obtained the label of local traditional product. Chestnut tree forests involve above all the Municipalities of Baschi and Montecchio, with their country hamlets. To defend and enhance the product, the local producers have joined Associazione produttori della castagna della Comunita Montana Croce di Serra. Festivals dedicated to the chestnuts are held in the various towns at the moment of the harvesting.

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The chestnut tree is longevous but characterized by a very slow development. It can reach the 35 meters of height and the two meters of diameter. The fruits ripen in autumn, from September to November. It is necessary to make a distinction between chestnuts...
Category: Fruit
The valley, hilly, and mountain landscape is characterized by a varied vegetation dominated by Mediterranean maquis, acacia and chestnut forests, very precious vegetal essences for bees. This fact, together with an ancient tradition and a low industrialization...
Category: Honey
Extra-virgin Olive Oil
Extra-virgin olive oil is obtained from olive trees situated in the Park and is among the most appreciated oils in Umbria for its undisputable organoleptic qualities, color from green to yellow, average fruity fragrance, average bitter and spicy taste,...
Category: Oil
The chickpea is an herbaceous plant of the family Fabaceae. Its seeds are the chickpeas, legumes widely used in the human diet, since they represent an ideal source of proteins. The seeds are round, of different size, and smooth, usually with a straw...
Category: Vegetables and Legumes
Spelt is a herbaceous plant of the family of Gramineae and a very ancient cereal. It probably comes from Palestine, from where it widespread in Egypt (it has also been found in Egyptian tombs) and Syria (it is already mentioned by Homer). For centuries...
Category: Rice Pasta and Cereals
The wine of the Park area has a very long tradition, the Etruscans used to make the wine ripen in Orvieto cliff, where it acquired the sugary substances that has distinguished it for centuries. Today, vineyards cover all the hills of the Park from Alviano,...
Category: Wine
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