The territory of Gesso e Stura River Park, currently limited to the Municipality of Cuneo, is characterized by a series of different ecosystems preserving a healthy balance between the river environment and the human activities practiced for centuries. Next to still wild natural environments it is possible to find cultivated areas and several agricultural holdings whose products the Park is trying to enhance.

Cuneo Bean
Cuneo Bean
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Rum Pralines
They are often named after the place where they are produced, these chocolates feature a small portion of rum cream inside a meringue layer which is then coated with a fine layer of dark chocolate, they are round in shape, and of dark brown colour...
Category: Sweets
Cuneo Actinidia
The fruit has a tapered shape and a brown peel characterized by a thick down. Inside, the fruit has a bright green color and several seed locules housing the small black seeds (1,000-1,500 per fruit). Further information
Category: Fruit
Cuneo Berries
"Piccoli Frutti Cuneo" are fruits belonging to the following species and meeting the qualifications established by the Specifications: Raspberry (Rubus idaeus) with the varieties Summer, Fairview, Malahat, Glen Lyon, Glen Ample, Tulameen Polka, Himbo...
Category: Fruit
Cuneo Chestnut
The Protected Geographical Indication "Castagna Cuneo" is reserved to fresh and dry fruits obtained from fruit chestnut groves (Castanea sativa) of the following varieties traditionally cultivated in our valleys: Ciapastra, Tempuriva, Bracalla, Contessa,...
Category: Fruit
Cuneo Peaches
There is a wide range of peach varieties produced in the Province of Cuneo, predominantly a smooth skin variety (nectarines) with yellow flesh. The production calendar extends from July to September thanks to the cultivation of different groups. Further...
Category: Fruit
Cuneo Red Apple
"Mela Rossa Cuneo" is characterized by an over-coloring of the peel and particularly bright color shades. The production area includes the plateau extending, at an altitude between 250 and 800m asl, along the western alpine chain formed by Alpi Marittime...
Category: Fruit
Cuneo Strawberry
The label "Fragola Cuneo" is reserved to the fruits of the cultivars Alba, Arosa, Asia, Clery, Record, Sugar Lia, Roxana, Albion, Charlotte, Diamante, Elsinore, Evie 2, Irma, and the ameliorative clones of these varieties cultivated in their place of...
Category: Fruit
Piemonte Hazelnut
The name Nocciola del Piemonte or Nocciola Piemonte (Piemonte Hazelnut) denotes the fruit of Tonda Gentile hazelnut of Langhe, cultivated in the territory mentioned by the reference decree within Regione Piemonte. Tonda Gentile of Langhe variety is characterized...
Category: Fruit
The production of honey in the area of Cuneo is as varied as the lands from which it comes. Ranging from the honey produced in the plains to that produced in the mountains and from honey produced from a single flower to honey from multi-floral origins,...
Category: Honey
Potato cultivation, although widespread in all the environments, finds its ideal cultivation areas in the mountains. As a matter of fact, the soil features and the cool and rainy climate meet the needs of the plant and contribute to its growth ant to...
Category: Vegetables and Legumes
Cuneo Bean
The bean varieties cultivated in the area are creepers belonging to the species Phaseolus vulgaris and Phaseolus coccineus and they include varieties ideal for the production of dry grain known as "dry bean" and others used for the production of waxy...
Category: Vegetables and Legumes
Cuneo Sweet Pepper
Cuneo sweet pepper has morphological features similar to the genus Capsicum annum var. Grossum Sent, better known as "quadrato di Cuneo". The peculiar characteristics of these peppers, which make them unique, are their shape and the texture of the...
Category: Vegetables and Legumes
San Rocco Castagnaretta Carrot
San Rocco Castagnaretta Carrot has a linear, almost cylindrical, tap root, with a short greenish-violaceous neck, a tender and crunchy flesh, and a sweet taste. The main feature of this carrot is the simple processing method it undergoes. As a matter...
Category: Vegetables and Legumes
Bread, which formed a dietary staple in past centuries, is a local and traditional foodstuff, and it also represents a precious gastronomic heritage to be re-discovered and enhanced. Traditional bread types differ in shape and size, but they all are...
Category: Bread
Piemontese Cattle Breed
It is in the area of Cuneo that the native Piedmontese cattle breed has developed and evolved, once used for the production of milk, work and labor, and now bred above all for the production of top quality meat, suitable for the preparation of exquisite...
Category: Autochthonous Breed and Meat
Delicatessen product with a cylindrical shape consisting of choice pork, fresh and not frozen (production meat temperatures not below -5° C). Cuneo Salami can come in sizes ranging from 30g "bocconcini" to the 3kg "rosa lunga". Further information...
Category: Cold Cuts
Borgo San Dalmazzo Snails
In the south-west area of Piemonte, in some valleys of Cuneese area belonging to Alpi Marittime, a particular variety of Helix pomatia developed (called alpina). It is traditionally employed in the particular partial biological cycle breeding, where snails...
Category: Further Products
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