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  • Land Surface Area: 600.00 ha
  • Regions: Lombardia
  • Provinces: Cremona
  • Municipalities: Casalmaggiore, Martignana di Po
  • Establishment Measures: DGR n 57362 27/09/1994



Golena del Po Park

With Resolution no. 25 of 12th March 1992, Casalmaggiore Municipal Council established Parco Locale di Interesse Sovracomunale (P.L.I.S.) Golena del Po and gave order to the Mayor to submit the acknowledgment form to Regione Lombardia according to L.R. 30.11.1983 no. 86.
The Park involves the floodplain areas of the river Po in the Municipality of Casalmaggiore and a part of the floodplain area in the Municipality of Martignana Po.
Vegetation is the distinguishing feature of the landscape. Near the stretches of water, residual strips of woodland formations dominated by White Willow, Common Alder, and Elm grow, while the outer strips are characterized by extensive cultivations and poplar groves.
The will of the Municipality was to highlight the need to safeguard an area of great environmental interest, the floodplain, severely damaged during the previous decades. Therefore, it represented the first positive step for the safeguard of a territory covering about 600 ha.
Golena del Po Park was one of the first Local Parks established in Regione Lombardia and, without a doubt, the first one along the river Po in Lombardy.
Without a doubt, the choice to establish a Local Park has been well-aimed, since it is the only kind of Protected Area whose establishment need starts from the local communities. Since it involves the local forces, such feature can guarantee a correct development of the area avoiding the feeling of impositions and opening a dialog with the citizens, with the economic activities operating in the area, with the Environmental Associations, and with anyone who is sincerely interested in this characteristic environment.
After a long course, Regione Lombardia, with Resolution of the Regional Board no. 5/57362 of 27 1994, recognized the P.L.I.S. "Golena del Po" in the Municipality of Casalmaggiore: a similar request was submitted by the Municipality of Martignana, but it was not accepted.
The step following the regional acknowledgment was the drawing up of the Detailed Plan approved with Resolution of the Municipal Council no. 65 of 10th March 1995.
Despite several oppositions coming from agricultural organizations not belonging to our territory, the Park could move its first steps.
If we analyze the Detailed Plan, it is necessary to highlight the zoning of the territory in 7 areas:

  • Natural environments area
  • Natural environment recovery area
  • First-belt agricultural forest area
  • Second-belt agricultural forest area
  • Area reserved to local planning
  • Area dedicated to recreational activities
  • Areas damaged by quarries, rubbish dumps, etc.

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Photo by Golena del Po ParkPhoto by Golena del Po ParkPhoto by Golena del Po Park
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