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Itinerary no 1
Map with georeferenced itinerary
Typology: On foot, By bike
Itinerary no 2
Itinerary no 2
Departure: Caslino al Piano
Map with georeferenced itinerary
Typology: On foot, By bike
Itinerary no 3
Map with georeferenced itinerary
Typology: On foot, By bike

Lura Park: A Permanent Lab

The Administration Council, formed by ten persons (one for each Municipality) is working in order to make the Park more and more accessible and clean.
First of all, it has dealt with the accessibility issue. The first resources have been used to create cross country cycling paths and to supply the first areas. Funds coming from the State, the Region and the Province of Como have been used, but also the Municipalities have invested small sums - according to their availability - which allowed a considerable improvement.
The citizens can already use the services prepared by the Consortium:

  • Saronno territorial park is formed by about five hectares of reforestation with autochthonous species and four more which can be trampled on by visitors; among these, the largest one is as big as two football fields enclosed by a green amphitheater; a cross country cycling ring-route makes it possible to cross this area and to use the gym equipment put at the community's disposal by Lions Club Saronno del Teatro. There is also a picnic area with a fountain.
  • From Saronno park, a cross country cycling route leads to Roverello Porro across a charming woodland and then to Rovellasca, for a length of over two kilometers.
  • The cross country cycling route connecting Rovellasca with S. Rocco di Bregnano for over two kilometers gives the possibility to visit Lura valley where it is more open and peaceful, among cultivated fields and locust tree woods. From here, a bridge over the stream Lura and an underpass under the very busy S.P. 32 Novedratese, gives the opportunity to safely reach Lomazzo without meeting cars.
  • Another cycling path provided with gym equipment links the road Lomazzo-Bregnano to the road crossing the valley towards Cascina Tre Grazie - loc. Bissago.
  • A long cross country cycling route from Roccolo di Cermenate reaches Lura valley, after crossing Löc woodlands, Murella basin, Bulgorello cemetery, up to Pasquè small lake in the country hamlet of Caslino al Piano.
  • From Cadorago, it is now possible to descend to Lura valley by bike, thanks to the new underpass created by the Park to overcome the obstacle of the Railway Nord Milano; in this way, you will enjoy the wildest and most peaceful part of the Park.
  • Between Guanzate and Bugarograsso there is now a ring-route touching the most beautiful fields and woods of the Park with oaks, Scotch pines, and chestnut trees, for over three kilometers.

But the Park is a lab; new works are on the programme or have already begun.
The project of Lura Park has still many things on the programme: among the others, a great town plan, cross country cycling routes, wood improvement, hydrogeological recovery plan, cultural growth. Of particular importance the better control of the water regime to limit the consequences of the floods on the settlements situated in the valley bottoms.

Lura Park: A Permanent LabLura Park: A Permanent Lab

Exercise Course

This itinerary is perfect for people who want to keep fit.
In Lomazzo, in one of the most beautiful areas of the Park, not far from Cascina Tre Grazie, there is a route divided into laps and suitable for any age. Each area is endowed with structures and gymnastic equipment: each of them is clearly illustrated in order to use it properly.

Exercise Course

Outdoor Routes

It is well known that if you regularly practice sport, your body will benefit from it.
As a matter of fact, recent scientific research activities have demonstrated:

  • a general reduction of death rate for cardiovascular causes and colon cancer
  • prevention of adult diabetes
  • improvement of mood and life quality, both in healthy and ill people.

On the contrary, sedentariness proportionally increases the risk to fall ill: therefore, sports activities should become a healthy habit to include in our everyday life.
Practicing sport outdoors to have fun, feel fine, meet other people, and keep feet is a healthy habit guaranteeing benefits and well-being. One of the aims of Regione Lombardia is the diffusion of these good habits: as a matter of fact, it considers that the adoption of correct life styles represents a means of prevention of degenerative chronic diseases and, above all, of cardiovascular diseases. Any kind of sport, if regularly practiced, gives benefits; however, sometimes even walking or running - the easiest sports activities that can be practiced by everyone - cannot be safely practiced in a natural and comfortable place.

Why risking while running along busy roads? Finding out outdoor routes far from the traffic where you can safely walk and run represents a need to stimulate people to practice sports activities at any age.
ASL of the Province of Como has engaged, in collaboration with some Local Authorities, to find out accessible outdoor routes in various Municipalities of the Province, completed by useful advice to better exploit these outdoor occasions.
Have a nice walk!

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