Points of Interest

Lakes and Peat Bogs

In the Park there are more than 30 stretches of water, among which the largest natural basin of the Valle d'Aosta region (Gran Lac). In the areas adjoining the mountain hut Barbustel you can admire the Lac Vallet, the Lac Blanc, the Lac Cornu, and the Lac Noir. The Lac de Serva is the most accessible lake (500m of difference in height from the Visitor Center in Covarey, path 5c).
A number of peatbogs, not a very usual environment in the Alps of the Valle d'Aosta region, can be found in the area: they are very rich in precious botanical and animal species, and they can be observed in particular along the paths 5 (Leser, Cresta Mouton, Lac Vallet) and 5c-6 (Cousse, surroundings of the Gran Lac).

Waters in Col de La Croix in winter
Waters in Col de La Croix in winter

Mountain Pine Forest

It covers over 1,000 hectares and is the largest forest in the Italian Alps; from the Visitor Center in Covarey it can be easily reached by following the paths 5 (beyond the Ponte di Leser), 5c (from the Magazzino), and 7b (from Pra Oursie). The mountain pine forests in the basin of the Serva (path 5c) can be found in the national book of the so-called "seed woodlands": the periodical gathering of the seeds allows operations of reforestation.


Panoramic Points

Spectacular observation points are situated in the four places where you can find the panels for the reading of the landscape: Pra Oursie (path 7), northern surroundings of the mountain hut Barbustel (path 5c), surrounding areas of the Lac de Leser (path 5), and Quicord (path 3). From the summit of Mont Barbeston (paths 7b-8) you can enjoy great part of the Park and of the middle-lower Valle d'Aosta up to the areas adjoining Ivrea. The Col Medzove (path 5c) and the Col de Kiva Chevrère (path 6a) offer wide views towards Aosta and the north-western part of the region.

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