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Biscuit with the characteristic dove or rhomb shape, elliptical and, recently, also tapered. The ingredients used are sweet almonds, egg white, powdered or normal sugar, natural aromas (for instance, grated lemon peel), and vanillin. Subiachino has a light brown color and the surface covered with white icing prepared with egg white, lemon, and powdered sugar. Icing is added after the biscuit has been baked. Subiachini have been named after the town where they began to be produced in the early 20th century. At the beginning, they were reserved to a middle-high social class and were prepared with special wooden molds made by the local craftsmen.
Subiachini are made with simple ingredients. According to the traditional recipe, only honey was used as a sweetener, since sugar was not yet very widespread. During the post-war period, this product was no longer reserved to rich people; however, its preparation was limited on important occasions like Christmas, to make the decorations for the Christmas tree or prepare gifts for children.

The Producers
Typology: Others
Locality: Subiaco (RM)
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