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Environmental Education Activities - School Year 2022/2023

Gens - The Park at School

Also for School Year 2022/2023, the Lazio Region has published the Calls for Participation in the Educational Offer of the "Catalogo GENS - Progetti di Educazione Ambientale e alla Sostenibilità (EAS) delle Aree Naturali Protette del Lazio (GENS Catalogue - Environmental and Sustainability Education Projects (EAS) of the Lazio Protected Natural Areas)".
Public and private schools of all grades and juridical subjects on the civil society, on the Lazio regional territory, may apply.

The Calls for Participation forms can be consulted and downloaded at the following links: 

Application should be received no later than 8.00 p.m. on 7 October 2022

In the Gens catalogue there are many proposals to be carried out within all the Lazio protected areas.

Moreover, in the catalogue, you will find all the proposals of the Monti Simbruini Regional Park, divided into macro-areas, and aims at continuing with the work done with the classes involved in the various levels of the project by thoroughly studying the issues dealt with the previous years, leading in this way the students of the largest protected area of Regione Lazio to become its spokespersons. Of course, the activities are addressed to all kinds of schools and to organized groups. All the modules can be integrated one with the other, promoting school camps lasting one, two, or more days and guided visits.

Formative goals

  • To strengthen people's awareness of the man-environment interaction.
  • To create a civic and social responsibility as far as the environmental protection by individuals is concerned.

Educational goals

  • To consider environment as a whole, both considering its natural features as well as those created by human beings.
  • To establish a connection between the attention for environment, the acquisition of knowledge, the problem-solving ability and the clarification of values.
  • To help children identify environmental features and emergencies.
  • To underline the complexity of environmental problems and the necessity to develop a civic responsibility as well as the necessary knowledge to solve the above mentioned problems. 

The project Gens - "Il Parco a scuola" offers guided visits, theme visits, shows and didactic meetings at school. To implement the projects the Park avails itself of cooperative associations and local organizations (Borgo dei Cartai, Arte Aniene, Ora et Labora, Ethea, Associazione Culturale l'Elice, Vivere l'Aniente, Astris, Ape Operaia, "Valle Cadevella" Didactic Farm, La Mieleria nel Bosco) assuring the quality of their participation by coordinating and controlling the educational project.

Guided visits and didactic outings
They not only inform, but also give the right means to learn about the different ecosystems. Pupils will be involved by asking them questions and rousing their curiosity and critical sense with different approaches according to the different age ranges.

Before the didactic outings pipils will receive information about the realities they are going to visit.

All the activities proposed and carried out by the operators of the Park Authority are free of charge, except for different information written on each registration form.

Click here to find all the Environmental Education Proposals (Italian text)

Visit to the Doline of Pozzo delle Monache
Visit to the Doline of Pozzo delle Monache
Exit at the Aniene Springs in Fiumata
Exit at the Aniene Springs in Fiumata
Didactic tour at Fiumana
Didactic tour at Fiumana
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