Parco Nazionale d'Abruzzo, Lazio e Molise


Barrea is a small medieval town, perched on a spur 1066m above sea level. It overlooks the artificial lake of the same name and a natural amphitheatre formed by some of the Park's most beautiful mountains. As a defence from attacks, the town was built near the gorges of the Sangro River, around the Benedictine fortress monastery (Studio benedettino). Houses were entangled and disposed like a wall, making it impossible to enter the town anywhere else than through its two doors. Two great towers guarded the town: the Square Tower and the Round Tower, that are still there. Barrea is a perfect starting point for wonderful excursions, both to the wooded mountainsides, where fauna abounds, and to the higher and less populated south-facing areas, where rare flowers are to be found.

  • Population: 864
  • Elevation: 1,066 metres asl

Park centres
Local Park Office, Centre for birds of prey (under construction)

Walks and escursions
(J1) Convento dei Monaci - Fonte Sambuco: 1 h, Medium
(J2) Colle Ciglio - V. Jannanghera: 1 h, Medium
(J3) Colle Ciglio - Ponte nuovo di Civitella Alfedena: 1 h, Easy
(J4) Colle Ciglio - P.te del Diavolo: 1 h, Easy
(J5) F.te Canavelle - Rocca Chiarano: 3 h, Difficult
(J6) Valle lanara - L. Pantaniello: 3 h, Medium
(J7) Fonte Peschio di Creta - Lago Pantaniello: 3 h, Medium
(J8) Ponte del Diavolo - Scontrone: 3 h, Medium
(K1) Fonte Sambuco - Alfedena: 3 h, Medium
(K2) Fonte Sambuco - Lago della Montagna Spaccata: 1,5 h, Medium
(K3) Valico di Barrea - Valico Altare Tartaro: 5 h, Difficult
(K4) Valico di Barrea - Lago Vivo: 3 h, Medium
(K5) Sorgente delle Donne - L. Vivo: 2 h Medium
(K6) Fonte Sambuco - Rifugio Forca Resuni: 3 h, Difficult
(JN1) Sentiero Natura 'Centro Rapaci'

Historic sites
"Lo Studio" (ancient Benedictine Monastery); Parish Church of San Tommaso apostolo (XV century); Chiesa del Lago (Lake church) and old monastery, tower.

Interesting facts or places
Gorges of the Sangro River, called "Le foci"

Festa patronale di San Tommaso apostolo e di Santa Maria Santissima delle Grazie (Patron Saint festival); Madonna del Digiuno (February, 22nd), in remembrance of the legend, according to which a man saw St. Mary emerging out of the Sangro River.

On occasion of weddings, a "Bride and groom's soup" is prepared; the festival of wild spinach (orapi) is one of the many events held in August; the passion play is staged every year at Easter, and is very moving and evocative, thanks to the natural scenery where it is played.

Local soups and almond sweets

Province: L'Aquila Region: Abruzzi
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