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The local cuisine boasts without a doubt an ancient and constant tradition of genuineness; the careful preparation of the dishes and the quality of the products offered by breeding and agricultural activities transforms also the most simple dishes into something special... The local dishes include "maccheroni alla chitarra", made with the particular tool with metal strings resembling the musical instrument, the orapi (wild spinach) and bean soup, gnocchetti with water, flour, and wild spinaches, and barbecued meat.
The local products are linked to sheep breeding tradition and to transhumance, and include pecorino, sheep's milk ricotta, cow's milk caciocavallo, but also a rare goat's milk cheese called Marzolina. All products are processed by hand, guaranteeing in this way an excellent quality standard. And again legumes, vegetables, honey, and fruit jams finding in the uncontaminated soils of Abruzzo Lazio e Molise National Park the ideal climatic conditions to obtain top-quality products.
Moreover, the local tradition includes sweets based on almonds, nougats, and delicious liquors like Ratafià and Centerbe.
The atmosphere you can breathe in these places recalls an ancient history made of strong traditions, arts and professions handed down from generations and characterizing the "tough" personality of the local people devoted to agriculture, sheep breeding, and craftsmanship activities like hand weaving, ceramics, wrought iron, stone, and wood working.

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Dedicated to the bear, the great mammal becomes the symbol of the Abruzzo, Lazio and Molise National Park, Pan dell'orso is a soft sweet made with almond paste, barley, butter and "mountain taste" honey.
Category: Sweets
Torrone of Alvito
Already in the 18th century in Alvito, a soft torrone was produced: it was made with almond paste, candied fruit, and white frosting. At the beginning of the 20th century, the tradition has been recovered by increasing the range of products, often prepared...
Category: Sweets
Caciocavallo barrique
The caciocavallo aged in barrique is the finest recipe of this "pasta filata" cheese, organically produced mainly with Pezzata Rossa raw milk, without any fermentation process.
Category: Cheese
Caciocavallo (literally "horse cheese") is made of cow's milk and is one of the most popular cheese in Italy. Unpasteurized milk is heated and coagulated with cow's rennet: in the Abruzzo, Lazio and Molise National Park is used the milk produced...
Category: Cheese
Many sweet, spicy or tasty table cheeses can be found in the Abruzzo, Lazio and Molise National Park. All these varieties are traditionally aged in caves and can be eaten grilled or fresh. Besides, the caciotta can be also enjoyed alone or combined with...
Category: Cheese
Conciato di San Vittore
The Conciato is one of the oldest cheeses from the Lazio region. The recipe has been passed down since the Samnites. Cicero and Martial described this cheese as one of the most consumed products within the area between Lazio and Campania borders. In recent...
Category: Cheese
A soft pecorino cheese, aged only 3 months and made from raw sheep milk. The Gregoriano making process, a new version of the Valle del Sagittario ancient dairy tradition, does not include any rennet and it takes more time than the traditional one, in...
Category: Cheese
It is a small cheese which in the past was produced only during the first lactation period of the goat, in March - from here the name ("marzo" in Italian). It is obtained from the milk of two milkings curdled with kid's rennet. After breaking the...
Category: Cheese
For the production of the most widespread cheese in the Park, pure sheep milk is used: immediately after the milking or after heating the milk up to 38°C, lamb or kid rennet is added to it. Afterwards, it is left curdling for less than one hour. Then...
Category: Cheese
Pecorino di Picinisco
Pecorino di Picinisco is a traditional shepherds cheese, derived from free and natural fed animals which have grazed on fresh herbs. This is the reason why the flavor of the cheese is so intense. 
Category: Cheese
The fresh or semimatured stuffed caciotta is characterized by many different ingredients that make this cheese savory. Depending on the season, the taste can be enriched by lemon, nuts, orange, chives, pepper, chili, mint, truffle, fennel and almonds....
Category: Cheese
The most famous caciocavallo cheese, weighing from 8 to 25 kilos, has a cylindrical shape and a unique and intense flavor. Trittico cheese delightfully mixes three types of organic milk from cows, sheep and goat raised in the Abruzzo, Lazio and Molise...
Category: Cheese
Santoreggia honey
The rare and excellent Santoreggia is produced thanks to low impact agricultural activities and richness of plant species conserved by the Abruzzo, Lazio and Molise National Park. The honey is named after the Satureja montana L., a small plant growing...
Category: Honey
Quality Brands:
Slow Food Presidium
Wildflower honey
The Wildflower honey from L'Aquila is obtained by flowers found on the mountain pastures, 850 meters high. More than 80 different species in spring and 130 in summer blossom in this area. The characteristics of the pastures protected by the Abruzzo,...
Category: Honey
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