Parco Nazionale d'Abruzzo, Lazio e Molise


According to history and to archaeological findings, the first inhabitants of Villavallelonga (earlier known as Rocca d'Acero) were, around 1600 BC, groups of shepherds coming from a distant land in search of peace and independence. They became part of the Marsi population and participated in several wars as well as in the social struggle, and were granted Roman citizenship in acknowledgement of their valour. Villavallelonga became a proper village around the year 1000, and was named after its elongated shape at the foot of Monte Quaresima. In the XII century it was a Marsi feud, then it belonged to the Piccolomini family, Dukes of Amalfi, in the XVI century; it passed to the Dukes of Belforte, a Roman patrician family, until 1720, and finally to the Dukes Pignatelli.
In 1873 a portion of the privately owned surrounding mountains, namely Pratillo, Fossetta e Macchiatavana, formed the core of the Upper Sangro Valley Royal Reserve, which was the predecessor of the Abruzzo National Park.
After the establishment of the Park (1922) Villavallelonga co-founded the Condotta forestale marsicana.

  • Population: 949
  • Elevation: 1,005 metres asl
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Province: L'Aquila Region: Abruzzi
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