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(Pescasseroli, 19 Feb 13) Three projects of the Park were presented to the Department for Environment about the preservation of Biodiversity, according to the directives issued by the department itself that both environmentalists and others really appreciated.The first project, developed and presented thanks to the funds (100,000.00 Euros) given in 2012, deals with the "Preservation and Management of the Forest Ecosystems" with a particular attention for the oldest forests in the Park. The Park's actions are part of a wide range of interventions also planned by other National Parks within the central and northern Apennines.
The intervention proposals firstly concern the strategic preservation of the beech forests in the Park - that have been also recognized as priority habitats according to the directives 79/409/EEC and 92/43/EEC (Birds and Habitats) - that stand out because of their complex habitat which is characterized by a thick network of specific connections. Moreover, the presence of some species also shows that these habitats are intact and vital.
The planned actions concern the recovery of some sources and karst springs within strategic forest areas because of their extreme significance for the watering of several animal species, and the realization of necromass on two beech specimens per hectare over a 200-hectares-wide beech forest.
A second intervention of the project concerns the preservation of the populations of Cypripedium calceolus and Iris marsica (Lady's slipper orchid and Marsican Iris), namely two beautiful endemic species of the Park, included in the Attachment II of the Directive 92/43/EEC quoting the Article n. 4 of the Directive 2009/147/CE and in the Attachment IV of the Habitat Directive quoting the Appendix I of the Convention on wildlife and natural environment preservation.
The works planning and management are carried out by the Park's Scientific Service, while specialized companies will be entrusted with their realization through regular competition notices.
For the funding in 2013, that should be equal to that of 2012, two projects have been presented on the "Monitoring of the Italian hare in the Park" and on the "Monitoring of the Rock Partridge in the Park".
The Italian hare (Lepus Corsicanus) have been only recently rediscovered as a "good species", and it is an endemic species of the central and southern Italy and of Sicily. It has been classified as a threatened species by the IUCN and included in several international legislative measures (Red List of European mammals; Worldwide Red List; Red List of European mediterraneam mammals; European Mammal Assestment). So far only sporadic surveys have been carried out, so it is important to gain standard information about the presence of this species all over the protected area and its surroundings.
Lately, the population of Rock Partridges (Alectoris graeca) have seriously decreased. Several national as well as international documents deal with this species (National Red List by Lipu and WWF, some EU-Directives, the Bern Covention). In these two monitoring-projects also the Istituto Superiore Protezione e Ricerca Ambientale (High Institute for Environmental Preservation and Research) will be involved.(Giuseppe Rossi)
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Press release n. 5/2013

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