Goat Cheese of Limina

The goat cheese produced on the slopes of Mt. Limina is exclusively obtained from goat's milk. It has a particular flavor and a strong and spicy taste varying according to the production period. To prepare the cheese, the milk - possibly fresh-milked - is poured in a big pan and kid rennet melt with some water is added. Then it has to rest for about one hour. When it curdles, it is mixed with a wooden spoon until it becomes liquid again. Later, gradually and by hand, the cheese is separated from lacciata (skimmed milk), is put into rush baskets and is squeezed until it is not well drained. It is taken then out of the mould and evenly salted. It is put again into the mould for one day, then it is taken out again and put in the cellar to mature, greasing the rind with olive oil during the whole period, that can also last one year. These production techniques give birth to a particularly local quality cheese, a limited production and very sought-after by consumers, to the extent that it is not possible to meet the demand. It has a straw yellow color outside, while inside is white. The wholes are round and weight 1 or 2 kilos, they can be eaten when they are green or after an 8 to 12 months maturation. The goats are bred in the wild and the shepherds are still paying the rent to the pastures with the rounds of cheese. Also the tradition to obtain bagpipe sacks from goat's skin has been maintained by the shepherds. For information on the local producers, please contact Limina Mountain Community (Mr Gino Larosa, Tel. 0964/414112).

Goat Cheese of Limina
Goat Cheese of Limina
The Producers
Typology: Others
Locality: Mammola (RC)
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