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The food products of Aspromonte are linked to the local breeding and agricultural tradition: the crumbly wheat bread cooked in the wood-burning oven, capocollo, a cold cut obtained from the pork shoulder and loin, pappaluni beans, and Aspromonte potatoes. Among cheese, Limina goat cheese, smoked ricotta cheese, and the so-called canestraio. And again, torrone filled with almonds, honey, extra-virgin olive oil, passito Greek wine produced in a small area of the Municipality of Gerace, outside the area of Greco di Bianco DOC.

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It can be produced with sheep, goat, cow's milk, or with mixed milk. It usually has a cylindrical shape with a 7.8cm side and 17.20cm diameter; the weight goes from 1 to 2 kilos. When it undergoes adequate maturation, its rind acquires a compact structure...
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Ciminà Caciocavallo
In Ciminà the caciocavallo is double-headed. It is a small, long and unique cheese, even though it is not mentioned by any of the sector publications. It is also produced in its classic egg shape. Its weight ranges between 400 grams and 3 kilos....
Category: Cheese
Quality Brands:
Slow Food Presidium
Goat Cheese of Limina
The goat cheese produced on the slopes of Mt. Limina is exclusively obtained from goat's milk. It has a particular flavor and a strong and spicy taste varying according to the production period. To prepare the cheese, the milk - possibly fresh-milked...
Category: Cheese
Musulupu cheese
Traditional cheese with a greek-albanian origin, the musulupu or musulucu is produced from March to September in the villages of Locride area, on the eastern side of the Aspromonte massif, in the province of Reggio Calabria. According to an ancient tradition...
Category: Cheese
Smoked Ricotta Cheese
It has a dark rind - dark beige or brown, sometimes also very dark brown - varying according to the duration of the smoking process, and inside it has an ivory color. It is a small cylinder of about 10.15 centimeters of height, with a diameter of 4.5cm....
Category: Cheese
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