La Via dell'Amore, the project

In the coming weeks, the region offices will assign the executive planning of the interventions. In 2020 there will be the call for tenders while in 2023 the path will be reopened

(Riomaggiore, 07 Oct 19) The existing rockfall tunnel towards Riomaggiore is going to be extended for over 80 mt, with almost 3,000 cubic meters to be disgorged, the laying of almost 20 thousand square meters of steel near the slopes and 4 km of rockfall barriers. There also 40 km of bolts to block unstable rock portions and fix adherent nets, in addition to the arrangement and restoration of the existing rockfall tunnel, the removal of deteriorated pre-existing networks, the restoratio of the footpath, some environmental arrangements and the installation of an important monitoring network.  

The processing will take about 2 years and a half, due to the dangers of the workplace for the workers, as well as the objective operational and logistical difficulties of construction sites and materials.

Here it is the link to download the project, presented today at the press conference: 

La Via dell'Amore, the projectLa Via dell'Amore, the project
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