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The complete list of the 52 official and exclusive Park tour guides. The tour guides are at the visitors' disposal to organize visits in the Park area.

Official Tour Guides of Gargano National Park


Bike sharing system between municipalities

Parkinbici is a traffic system between municipalities created for the citizens, the workers, the commuters and the tourists. The Gargano National Park Authority realized this system to limit the city traffic and to create a more direct connection with the territory. After Ischitella, Peschici, Rodi Garganico and Vico del Gargano the service has been extended also to Manfredonia, Mattinata, Rignano Garganico and San Marco in Lamis.

Subscription typologies:

  • residents: annual subscription at the price of 30.00 Euros, including a 10,00 Euros pre-charge and a 5,00 Euros RCT insurance (the first two hours are free of charge, the third one costs 0,50 Euros, from the 4th hour on the price is 1,00 Euro);
  • tourists: the cards lasting 4 hours per day are available according to the following solutions:
    a) weekly card at the price of 20,00 Euros
    b) weekend card at the price of 12,0 0Euros

The RCT insurance is optional and it costs 5,00 Euros. The bikes can be left in a different station from the one they have been picked up from.

Bike stations

  • Peschici: Via Montesanto
  • Calenella (near Vico del Gargano): Piazzale della Stazione Ferroviaria
  • San Menaio (near Vico del Gargano): Piazzale della Stazione Ferroviaria
  • Foce Varano (near Ischitella): Piazzetta del Porto
  • Rodi Garganico: Corso Madonna della Libera
  • Lido del Sole (near Rodi Garganico): Piazzale Irium
  • Rignano Garganico: Largo Portagrande
  • San Marco in Lamis: Piazza Europa
  • Manfredonia: Piazza Santa Maria Maggiore di Siponto
  • Manfredonia: Piazzale A. Galli
  • Mattinata: Viale Madonna Incoronata

Subscription offices

  • Peschici: Bar Tabacchi - Via Monte Santo, 7
  • Calenella: Bar Ristorante "La Stazione" - S.S. 89 Km 79
  • San Menaio: Lido Oasi Beach - Lungomare A. Pazienza, 6
  • Rodi Garganico: Riv. Tabacchi n. 4 - Corso Madonna della Libera, 49
  • Lido del Sole: Lido Diomedee - Piazzale Irium
  • Lido del Sole: Agenzia Gamma Vacanze - Piazzale Irium
  • Foce Varano: Bar Sant'Antonio - Piazza del Porto
  • Manfredonia: Agenzia Intralot - Corso Manfredi, 136


For further information about the service and the official points of sale you can call the toll-free number 800 654214 from Monday to Saturday, from 7.00 am to 11.00 pm, and everyday in the summer time.

City Museum in Apricena

The City Museum in Apricena was born from the synergy created by Archeoclub d'Italia, the Municipal Administration, and Gargano National Park Authority.
The seat of Archeoclub d'Italia in Apricena, since its foundation in 1986, worked in the various Municipal Administrations coming one after the other so that the several finds gathered have found an adequate collocation in an emerging City Museum. The constant pressures led, with the past Municipal Administration, to the detection of the premises where it was possible to place the Museum. Such premises, of public property and situated in the historical town center, have been restructured thanks to a targeted funding by Gargano National Park Authority.
Archaeology in Apricena is characterized by the presence of finds covering the whole evolution history of man, with a massive presence of evidences dating back to protohistory.
As a matter of fact, the main collection is represented by dauni handicrafts covering a period of time going from from 7th century BC to the 4th century BC, by finds dating back to the Roman period characterized by the famous sundial, object of specific studies, and by several funeral stelae and memorial stones.
The Museum consists of two halls and is divided into four sections:

  • the first one is dedicated to prehistory, with finds covering a period of time going from the Paleolithic to the Bronze Age. Of particular interest a lithic axe dating back to the Aeneolithic period and some intact bowls dating back to the Bronze Age;
  • the second one is dedicated to the Dauna and Hellenistic epoch and is the main part of the finds. Of great interest the wonderful bronze holster belt which is almost intact, an axe and a bronze strainer, and several pieces of ware among which a Gutto with a beautiful raised head of Gorgonia, goblets in Gnathia and Xylix style with engraved and painted decorations;
  • the third one is dedicated to the Roman period, with several epigraphs dating back to the Imperial period, coins, and ware. Of great interest is the wonderful sundial coming from the Pretorium Pubblilianum, in the district Amorosi;
  • the forth and last section is dedicated to the Middle Ages, with finds coming from Castel Pagano, Santa Maria di Selva della Rocca, and Volta Pianezza.

For information: Museo di Apricena - Corso Generale Torelli, 108 - 71011 Apricena (FG) - Tel. +39 0882 646735 (contact Archeoclub Apricena: dott. Gaetano Lo Zito)

City Museum in Apricena

Useful Telephone Numbers

  • Association of the Park Official Tour Guides (Associazione Guide ufficiali del Parco) - Tel. +39 349 8508133
  • Naturalistic Observatory of Gargano National Park - Tel. +39 0884 568941
  • Speleological tours (Gruppo speleologico dauno) - Tel. +39 0881 665133
  • Tours on horseback (Apte) - Tel. +39 0882 551822
  • Diving (Marlin club) - Tel. +39 0881 618061 - +39 339 2338782
  • Trekking (Ecogargano) - Tel. +39 0884 565444
  • Tours by all-terrain vehicles (Gargano adventures) - Tel. +39 0884 994484
  • Tours by boat - +39 0884 962721

  • Gargano National Park
    Via S. Antonio Abate, 121 - 71037 Monte Sant'Angelo (FG)
    Tel. +39 0884 568911 - Fax +39 0884 561348 - E-mail:

  • C.T.A. National Forest Service
    71030 Foresta Umbra (FG) - Villaggio Umbra
    Tel. +39 0884 560967

  • Association of the Park Official Tour Guides
    Via S. Antonio Abate, 121 - 71037 Monte Sant'Angelo (FG)
    Tel. +39 349 8508133

  • Lesina Visitor Center
    Via Banchina Vollaro, 1 - 71010 Lesina (FG)
    Tel. and Fax +39 0882 992727

  • Manfredonia Visitor Center
    S.S. 159 delle Saline, Oasi "Lago Salso" - 71043 Manfredonia (FG)
    Tel. and Fax +39 0884 571009

  • Monte Sant'Angelo Visitor Center
    Castello - 71037 Monte Sant'Angelo (FG)
    Tel. +39 0884 565444

  • Services for people with disabilities
    Lesina - Bosco Isola path, with the opportunity of a trip on the lagoon with comfortable catamarans
    Tel. +39 0882 992727

  • Park Naturalistic Observatory
    Via S. Antonio Abate, 121 - 71037 Monte Sant'Angelo (FG)
    Tel. +39 0884 568911 - Fax +39 0884 561348

Useful Telephone Numbers

Further Useful Information

  • How and when it is possible to visit the Park: the information office of the Park Authority and the Visitor Centers hand out publications informing the visitors about the characteristics of the places and the best periods to visit the Park.

  • How to get there and connections: by car, if you want to reach the coastal lakes and the northern slopes, follow the A14 Bologna-Taranto motorway and take Poggio Imperiale exit; then you can follow the Gargano highway until you reach Vico, then Peschici, Vieste, and Foresta Umbra; take San Severo exit and the SS road 272 towards San Marco in Lamis, San Giovanni Rotondo. From Foggia you must take the Gargano SS road 89 towards Manfredonia, Mattinata, Monte Sant'Angelo, while the easiest way to get there from the South is to take the Cerignola est exit on the A14 motorway and to go on towards Gargano. For those who arrive from Naples following the A16 motorway it is better to take Candela exit to get to the highway towards Foggia.
    For those who prefer to travel by train, there are the FS trains until San Severo and Foggia, and a pictoresque local line of the Gargano railways which links San Severo to Peschici Calenella going through almost the whole hinterland of the Park (for further information, Tel. +39 0882 221414).
    Buses of the SITA line and of the Gargano railways link the villages of the Park with San Giovanni Rotondo, Manfredonia, and Foggia.
    The Tremiti Islands can be reached in comfortable ferries and hydrofoils from Termoli (CB) during the whole year; from Rodi Garganico, Peschici, Vieste, and Manfredonia during the summer.

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