In Gran Paradiso National Park, "Siel" was born: The first Bearded Vulture born in the Western Alps after the 1913 extinction

(Torino, 10 May 11) The Bearded Vulture "Siel" (meaning "sky" in the local dialect of Valle d'Aosta region) was born in Valsavarenche, in the heart of Gran Paradiso National Park. It is the first specimen born in a wild state in the Western Alps since 1913, date of the last killing occurred in Val di Rhêmes.

Over the latest months, the Park Keepers have carefully followed the nesting of the couple of bearded vultures choosing Gran Paradiso National Park for the reproduction.

The name "Siel" has been chosen by the pupils of the elementary school of Valsavarenche, excited by the fact that the big vulture has chosen their valley for the reproduction after almost one hundred years, when it disappeared.

"It is an extraordinary event" explains the Inspector of the Park Surveillance Service Luigino Jocollè, "after its extinction involving the Alps in the early 20th century, the bearded vulture was reintroduced in the 1980s, but up to this moment, the Italian Western Alps had never welcomed the hatching of an egg belonging to these big vultures, one of the biggest migratory species in Europe".

The area is constantly monitored by the staff of the Park Surveillance Service, also thanks to the help of modern optical and observation instruments. The monitoring of the bearded vultures is carried out in collaboration with the Valdostano Forest Service, as far as the monitoring of the nests in the territory of competence and the collection of data for the European coordination (IBM) are concerned.
In the photo by Davide Glarey one of Siel's parents
In the photo by Davide Glarey one of Siel's parents
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