Marchio Qualità Gran Paradiso

"Marchio Qualità Gran Paradiso" is an identification instrument awarded by the Park Authority to operators working in the field of tourism, hotel accommodation, craftsmanship, and foodstuffs committed to quality and sustainability standards in order to guarantee their consumers the product origin - from the Park territory - the quality of the processing, hospitality based on the respect of the environment, kindness, and local traditions.
The products or the services awarded with "Marchio di Qualità Gran Paradiso" give consumers various kinds of advantages, including a Guarantee of control and quality.
Foodstuffs like diary products, jam, and honey, the products of the local craftsmanship in wood, copper, and bronze, the services of tourist and hotel accommodation all guarantee a top-level control of the origin and quality of the product and/or service itself, through the application of certain procedures and rules the operators have to comply with. Therefore, final consumers or users have considerable guarantees of genuineness, typicality, and a top quality in the service offered.
Moreover, there will be a direct participation to the environmental safeguard of the area. As a matter of fact, consumers, purchasing products or using services with the label "Marchio di Qualità Gran Paradiso", are sure to respect and safeguard the environment and the local landscape heritage, preserving the nature of the area and giving their own contribution to this aim, since the operators agree on a plan of improvement of their environmental performances according to what established by the Park mission.

Further information

List of the operators, grouped according to the typology of activity:
Marchio Qualità Gran Paradiso
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