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Paneveggio-Pale di San Martino Park is characterized by pastures, rocky walls, and a centuries-old spruce fir forest. In summer, you can see several cows grazing in the area: Brune Alpine and a few Pezzate Rosse (the small Grigio Alpina cow has almost disappeared). Their milk, processed in Predazzo and Primiero, is used to produce top-quality cheese: from the simple Tosèla, to cook in the pan or eat when it is recently done, to Nostrano di malga and the rare but famous Puzzone di Moena. Cold cuts are also produced in the Park: lucanica sausage, made with pure pork, several smoked meat (beef, horse, deer). The production of honey and small fruits should also be mentioned.

Grazing goats
Grazing goats
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Botìro di malga di Primiero
A New Slow Food Presidium in Trentino A butter for Venice In the local dialect, "botìro" means butter and, at the times of Serenissima, the best butter for sale in Venice used to come from Primiero summer mountain pastures, among the dolomitic...
Category: Cheese
Quality Brands:
Slow Food Presidium
Poìna fumàda
Dairy product made with cow's milk, obtained adding the so-called "agro" (an acid whey) to the whey remaining after the cheese cooking. Afterwards, everything is cooked again. The product has the classical shape of a truncated cone, with a size varying...
Category: Cheese
Primiero is a tasty mature cheese produced with cow's raw milk. It has a straw-yellow color, with small and irregular holes, and consistency varying according to the maturation process. The perfume of mountain milk, the maturation method recalling...
Category: Cheese
Puzzone di Moena
Puzzone di Moena is a semi-cooked cheese that has always been produced in Val di Fassa, the land of the Ladins. As a matter of fact, the original name of the cheese is Spretz Tzaorì, a term linked to the Ladin tradition. It has the classical shape...
Category: Cheese
Tosèla is a fresh cheese (more precisely, a curd) characteristic of Primiero, that must be consumed within a few days from its production. It is produced with recently milked cow's milk, so that the fragrance of the mountain pastures does not...
Category: Cheese
Mìel di rasabèch (Rhododendron Honey)
Mìel di rasabèch is produced in June and is obtained from the nectar of the rhododendron flowers growing in the mountains (Crèl, San Martino, Néve-Mezzano). Production Area: Primiero - Trentino Processing, conservation, and...
Category: Honey
Siror Smoked Meat
Product obtained using beef round cuts left standing in a dry pickle for some time and then smoked. To be consumed raw. Processing, conservation, and maturation methods The round cuts are obtained from the deboned beef leg. After removing the grease...
Category: Autochthonous Breed and Meat
Freshed or Smoked Lucanica Cauriota
Pure pork sausage to eat fresh after cooking, grilled, with sauerkrauts, in risotto, and stewed. If seasoned and smoked, it becomes a small salami and is eaten as a cold cut. The fresh sausage is produced all year round, while if the product is smoked...
Category: Cold Cuts
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