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Partenio Regional Park offers a wide range of local products linked to the rural and sheep breeding tradition. Simple, good, and ancient products characterized by a combination between nature and taste.
A very rich wine and gastronomy offer made of agricultural products and specialties of particular value where you can find the fragrance of the local environments and forests.
One and only thread of the wine and gastronomy quality expressed by Partenio Park: traditions handed down from generation to generation with devotion, passion, and patience in the processing methods.

- Local Cuisine
- Craftsmanship

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Also cheese-making is worth a mention: cheese is obtained from the milk of the cows and sheep grazing in the Park plateaus. Very tasty cheese is obtained.
Category: Cheese
The lowest areas of the Park, like for instance Valle Caudina, are mainly characterized by fruit and vegetable cultivations. Two are the excellent products: - Annurca apple - Imperial cherry (ciliegia imperiale).
Category: Fruit
Del Prete Chestnuts
The cultivation of chestnuts and hazelnuts is practiced in the low-mountain areas. Del Prete chestnuts, coming from Ospedaletto D'Alpinolo, are particularly sought-after for their particular preparation, drying, and subsequent rehydration method giving...
Category: Fruit
They are mainly cultivated in Baianese and Vallo di Lauro area: the variety avellana (Abellana for the ancient Romans) is characteristic of these areas and was named after the ancient Abella (today Avella). Hazelnuts with small-size fruits and hard pulp...
Category: Fruit
Liquor skillfully obtained by the Benedictine monks of Loreto Abbey from the medicinal plant Matricaria parthenium L., giving an intense green color and tonic and anti-stomatitis properties to this pleasant liquor-like drink.
Category: Liquors and Distilled beverages
In the valley bottom, in the hills, vineyards and hazelnut groves are combined with olive groves. The olive harvesting is still practiced by hand, and the processing is carried out in the ancient olive presses, with an increasingly growing attention...
Category: Oil
King Bolete
Very sought-after spontaneous product carrying the fragrance of the undergrowth.
Category: Vegetables and Legumes
Mugnano del Cardinale salami is a top-quality product, since it is obtained from the meat of the cows and sheep grazing in the Park plateaus. The selected meat, the mild climate, the slow drying and smoking process guarantee its quality and unmistakable...
Category: Cold Cuts
Very sought-after spontaneous product carrying the fragrance of the undergrowth.
Category: Truffles
The tastes of Partenio are enhanced thanks to the presence of very fine wines. Among them, Fiano di Avellino DOCG, cultivated and produced in some areas of the Park. However, also Aglianico DOC, Falanghina, and Coda di Volpe are worth a mention.
Category: Wine
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