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Environmental Education in Pineta Park - School year 2019/2020

The Park Authority has been interested in Environmental Education since its early years of life. Since 1986, the Protected Area has been planning and developing plurennial proposals, entirely free of charge and addressed to all the primary schools of the 15 Municipalities forming the Consortium. They are very successful, as it is demonstrated by the numbers: over 3,500 pupils involved every year. The Didactic Scientific Park aims at offering schools didactic proposals which combine a didactic approach with a popular one thanks to the collaboration between the Protected Area and the Organisation Astronomical Observatory in Tradate.

For the schools of the cities comprised in Park's territory.
The Environmental Education Activities carried out by volunteers or paid staff of the Pineta Park is based on the principles of an american association called Earth Education. The aim is to establish strong emotional connections with nature and to deeply understand the mechanisms allowing and supporting life in the Earth: as human beings we are part of these mechanisms, therefore we must live in harmony with them. It is not only about explaining, but also about showing, touching, actively experiencing. Most of the programs foresee both outings and lessons in the classroom with slideshows and, sometimes, nice didactic activities.

  • Who is this service for? Programs are created for elementary school and for the first year of the secondary school. Most of the schools belonging to Park's territory are involved, indeed our activities are habitually part of teachers' didactic programs.
  • How can I join the programs? You only need to send a written application where you specify which classes (and the number of pupils) would like to participate. You can apply by writing  to the following address: Parco Pineta, via Manzoni n. 11 - 22070 Castelnuovo Bozzente, or via FAX at the number +39 031 988284. As the service is free the applications will be accepted while availability lasts.

For all the schools
"If you tell me something I can forget it; if you also show it to me, I may remember it; but if you involve me in it, I will never forget it." On the basis of this sentence by a famous Indian philosopher, the Scientific Didactic Park was born. Driven by the desire to find a new way to tell people about nature, to promote an involving and scientific approach, to propose a real experience instead of a simple visit, the Pineta Park and the Organisation Astronomical Observatory in Tradate FOAM13 put themselves up for becoming promoters of popularization and didactics.

Click here to find all the Environmental Education Proposals (Italian text)

Environmental Education
Environmental Education
Environmental Education (2)
Environmental Education (2)
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