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Traditional Sweets of Alghero
The characteristic sweets of Alghero are prepared with simple raw materials like honey, almonds, walnuts, eggs, cheese, milk, flour, fruit, and the so-called saba or boiled must. Among the traditional sweets of Alghero: the menjar blanc, prepared with...
Category: Sweets
The richness in flower species - like cistus, strawberry tree, cardoon, ferula, broom, and eucalyptus - gives to the honey production of Alghero an excellent fragrance and taste. This product is used above all in the preparation of several traditional...
Category: Honey
Extra-virgin olive oil has always been for the town of Alghero an important natural, cultural, and economic resource. This oil is known for its intense artichoke fruity aroma. In Sardinia, the olive tree cultivation is concentrated above all in some...
Category: Oil
Lobster fishing has very ancient roots in the town of Alghero. In order to fish the precious crustacean, the local fishermen used to sail up to Mal di Ventre Island. Lobsters, fished with the traditional lobster pots, were stored in special fish farms...
Category: Fish
Sea Urchins
The rocky and sandy seabed of the coast of Alghero is rich in shellfish like limpets, actiniae, nacres, a protected species living in the Posidonia bed in the gulf of Porto Conte, and sea urchins, called in the local dialect bogamarí. The latter...
Category: Fish
Torbato is a white vine belonging to the large family of the "malmsey grapes". Imported during the Catalan rule, it can be found in Sardinia only in the area of Alghero, where it has perfectly adapted to the calcareous-clayey soils and to the warm and...
Category: Wine
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