Rest Areas

Sasso Simone e Simoncello Park Authority has provided the protected area with several rest areas, where hikers and visitors will find information and where they can relax. They are situated in strategic points at the beginning of the most fascinating trails of the Park, in green and comfortable areas equipped with tables, benches, and litter bins useful if you want to have your packed lunch here. In the rest areas of Passo della Cantoniera, Ponte Cappuccini, and Miratoio there are also toilets. Moreover, the notice boards in these areas represent for tourists valid info points: they include the map of the Park trails, all adequately marked by C.A.I., and further useful information to visit the protected area and find accommodation structures. In some particularly charming points of Miratoio, Monteboaggine, Cippo, and on Mt. Carpegna visitors will find some bas-reliefs in copper which show the landscape of the park. Their author is maestro Giovanni Gentiletti, sculptor and teacher at Centro T.A.M. (Trattamento Artistico dei Metalli - artistic metal treatment) in Pietrarubbia. Further rest areas are situated in Carpegna, in Parco delle Querce (Oak park) and in Giardino Mezzanotte (Midnight garden), in San Sisto and in Eremo di Villagrande, near the ski lift of Mt. Carpegna.

  • Passo della Cantoniera
  • Ponte Cappuccini
  • Miratoio
  • Località Cippo
  • Monteboaggine
  • Carpegna - Parco delle Querce
  • Carpegna - Giardino Mezzanotte
  • San Sisto
  • Soanne
  • Eremo della Madonna del Faggio - Monte Carpegna - Villagrande.


Guided Visits

The guided visit in a protected area is a moment combining the relax and the pleasure of a walk surrounded by nature with scientific notions regarding the environment and the history of the places we are visiting. In general, the tours are suitable for everyone, they are never too long and difficult, and are suitable above all for families.


Sport and Tourism

In the Park everyone can discover something interesting and stimulating to do or to see. Visitors loving sports at direct contact with nature can enjoy along the several trails developing in the protected area and in the surrounding areas, trails which will make you rediscover the harmony with nature, loneliness and peacefulness far from the chaotic life of the town.

  • Trekking
  • Cycling tourism
  • Horse-riding tourism
  • Mountain biking
  • Skiing
  • Camping
  • Spas
  • Historical-cultural destinations

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