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A River Flows Astride the Upper and Lower Lombardy Plain

Along the northernmost stretch of its banks, besides rare small woodlands and cultivated fields, there are large extensions of gravels covered with a thin stratum of soil. Here the typical dry meadows are dominated by vegetable species of steppe-like or Mediterranean origin, or by species coming from Prealpi Orobiche. The meadows are populated by particular birds with rare species like the Sardinian Warbler, the Nightjar, the Barred Warbler, and the Ortolan. Along the banks of the river rare resurgences, the so-called "fontanili", enrich the countryside with their clear waters and tell us about the history of this territory. In the south, at Mozzanica, the riverbed becomes narrow, and the most interesting environments are the small wetland woodlands growing along the banks of the oxbows on the two sides of the river: two of them form Palata Menasciutto Nature Reserve in the Municipalities of Ricengo and Pianengo.

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Surface Area: 7'750.00 ha
Provinces: BG, CR
Establishment: 1985
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