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Gastronomy in Stilo

Like the cuisine characterizing the whole Calabria, the characteristic cuisine of Stilo is very robust both for its taste and high quality. The list of the local dishes is dominated by meat; above all pork, lending itself to many uses. From the pork, unique sausages are obtained, "both for the palate and for the sight". They are called "soppressate" or "capicolli", and are essential in the preparation of appetizers. Other delicacies complete the list of appetizers: prickly artichokes in oil, tasty "cumbitè" olives or pickled olives, scented dried tomatoes flavored with several vegetable spices, squeezed olives and, finally some pieces of spicy pecorino cheese. After eating so many things, the lunch is complete and you are already satisfied. Despite this, the local cuisine offers more and more nourishing dishes, and you are only at the beginning.
Among the kinds of pasta, the most required is "home-made" pasta, prepared according to a very ancient tradition, and seasoned with sauces characterized by very strong and particular tastes. It might be a goat meat sauce or a sauce with filled aubergine: it will be delicious, any way.

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Gastronomy in Serra San Bruno

The mountain color and scents characterize also the tastes of Serra San Bruno cuisine.
As a matter of fact, the good cuisine of the local dishes finds its main ingredients in the products of the undergrowth: it is enough to think about the great variety of dishes that can be prepared with the dozens of mushroom species you can find in the beech and chestnut tree woodland surrounding Serra.
From tasty first dishes like "la pasta alla serrese" to second courses with delicious lamb or pork meat together with several varieties of fried mushrooms or mushrooms in oil, to finish with the characteristic dessert called "gli 'nzulli", prepared with a simple mixture of water, flour, and roasted almonds, which after cooking becomes fragrant and acquires a stirring taste.

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Gastronomy in Fabrizia

Mountain's colors and scents are those that characterize Fabrizia's typical cooking.
In fact, the good cooking of the typical dishes finds its main ingredients in the fruits of the land.
Cooking ranges from the tasty first courses such as the "la pasta e suriaca" to the second courses featuring delicious servings of pork served with many varieties of mushrooms, "pipi" and "patati", everything accompanied by a good pizza bread prepared with corn flour.


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