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Appennino Bolognese is characterized by a great quantity of local products and dishes offering tastes and delights of the local tradition.
The times when the farmers used to produce genuine products have been handed down through the reappraisal of modern agriculture which, in our territory, has been able to update, turning to local precious products. The local gastronomy presents many local varieties: each Municipality boasts its own "king of the table" and this richness must be presented as a whole, enhancing in this way the great variety of proposals.

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Marroni Jam
Chestnuts have fed whole populations during wars and famines and have enabled the survival of "weak" people.
Category: Preserves
Chestnut Cake (Castagnaccio or Castagnaz)
The wonderful fruit chestnut trees of the Apennines are used above all in the production of sweet flour.
Category: Sweets
Zuccherino Montanaro
Zuccherino Montanaro is an ancient sweet of the mountains of Bologna. In the past, it was prepared for weddings and confirmation ceremonies. In particular, it was - and still is - brought door to door to friends and relatives to announce the wedding....
Category: Sweets
Vergato Pecorino Cheese
It is a local product characterized by a cylindrical shape, soft, smooth or wrinkly, and white rind. It has a slightly spicy taste and, like all pecorino cheese varieties, it matures in 40 days in a well-aired place. The maturation process requires about...
Category: Cheese
Marroni and Chestnuts
Despite the changes in the eating habits, the chestnut has maintained an essential importance. As a matter of fact, there are several renowned areas for the production of marroni.
Category: Fruit
The Honey of the Apennines
A great product obtained from the transformation of the flower nectar is honey. Bees are its real creators; however, its final quality also depends on the care with which it is prepared for the consumer as well as on the flowers chosen by bees.
Category: Honey
The flour-based cooking traditions linked to Appennino Bolognese include simple ingredients used to make biscuits, other bakery products (pinze, raviole, spianate sulla pietra, zuccherini), and the tasty local mountain bread which, fragrant, with a forest...
Category: Rice Pasta and Cereals
Tortellini are the symbol of the town of Bologna, together with other first dishes based on pasta dough: tagliatelle, tortelloni, and lasagne with béchamel and meat sauce. They are "rich" dishes based on flour, eggs, filled and flavored with pork...
Category: Rice Pasta and Cereals
White Truffle
Among the truffle species that can be found in Bologna provincial territory, the so-called "Tartufo bianco Pregiato dei Colli Bolognesi" is particularly appreciated. Its characteristic production areas are Savigno, Camugnano, and Castel di Casio. The...
Category: Truffles
Local Wine
The hills of Appennino Bolognese produce excellent wines, wines that have quenched the thirst and delighted the many pilgrims headed north or south. 
Category: Wine
Ballotti and New Wine
Chestnut gathering coincides with drawing off, and ballotti and new wine are ideal together. Fresh chestnuts are boiled in abundant water with a pinch of salt and a small branch of dried fennel.
Category: Further Products
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