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Agricultural products

Specialised processing, quality labels and festivals add even more value to the exceptional products of our agriculture. Some of the best known are Romagna IGP peaches and nectarines, Romagna IGP shallots, Brisighella DOP extra-virgin olive oil, Castel del Rio IGP chestnuts, Santerno valley apricots, Casola Valsenio herbs and forgotten fruits, Moretto artichoke. The whole are is renowned for its truffles, fresh and seasoned cheese, Romagnola QC beef, QC lamb, and Mora Romagnola swine, especially suitable for cured meat preparations. Traditional as well as new Romagna cookery are best tasted with the wines of this area, such as Albana di Romagna DOCG, Sangiovese di Romagna, Trebbiano di Romagna, Cagnina, Colli di Imola and Colli di Faenza, all of which are DOC wines.

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Jams, compotes and juices
The delicious local fruit is skilfully processed into jams, compotes and juices. Together with the classic fruits, some products are made from ancient varieties, small fruits, and unusual berries like elder and aronia.
Category: Preserves
Essential oils and lavender
Herbs are a typical local product, as shown by Casola's Garden of Herbs, which has preserved this tradition and the related skills. Lavender is used to extract essential oils and prepare scented bouquets, and bees make honey from its flowers. Essential...
Category: Fresh Herbs
Apricot and fresh fruit
Apricots, cultivated above all in Santerno Valley, are widespread in the whole Park territory where, thanks to the warm microclimate offered by Vena del Gesso, particularly fine fruits are obtained. The apricot tree can adapt to dry soils and sunny...
Category: Fruit
Marrone Chestnut of Castel del Rio PGI
On the slope of Vena del Gesso facing north, in particular between Borgo Rivola and Tossignano and in the area of Campiuno, there are vast and ancient chestnut groves guaranteeing the production of top-quality marroni chestnuts, certified by the label...
Category: Fruit
Locally-produced honey carries the scent of local flowers. The beekeepers keep the honey separated according to the flowers it is made from, which results in different types of honey with distinct aromas.
Category: Honey
Brisighella Extra-virgin Olive Oil PDO
Brisighella extra-virgin olive oil PDO is an excellent quality product, famous all over Italy, exclusively produced by the social olive press of Brisighella. Olive tree growing in Brisighella is a centuries-old tradition that has become strong and also...
Category: Oil
Moretto Artichoke
On the dry and sunny clays of the gullies, Moretto Artichoke is traditionally cultivated. It is an ancient artichoke variety, autochthonous of the area of Vena del Gesso Romagnola Park. The taste of these small artichokes cultivated almost in a wild...
Category: Vegetables and Legumes
Romagna Shallot PGI
Romagna Shallot PGI is a characteristic and traditional vegetable of the area of Vena del Gesso Romagnola linked to the hot and dry climate of this section of the Apennines. Its distribution range includes all the Park Municipalities. The shallot is a...
Category: Vegetables and Legumes
Mora Romagnola Pig Breed
Mora Romagnola pig breed is unmistakable for its dark brown coat, almost black, after which it has been named. It is a pig breed with a tapered body, about 80 cm at withers and reaching a weight of 250-300 kilos. The boars, smaller than the sows, have...
Category: Autochthonous Breed and Meat
Romagnola Cow Breed
Romagnola cow breed, characterizing the hills surrounding the Park, has an unmistakable light gray coat, almost white, and a strong build, with particularly developed muscles and long horns. This cow breed dates back to the 5th century AD and has been...
Category: Autochthonous Breed and Meat
Flour and Pasta
The flours are produced from locally grown wheat, ground at nearby mills. Some farms grow organic wheat, including some ancient varieties; some companies process these flours into pasta.
Category: Rice Pasta and Cereals
DOC, DOCG, IGP wines
These labels certify the local origin of the grapes which are typical of our hills. Very strict rules have to be respected to be awarded the DOC and DOCG labels, which grant high quality products. DOC means Controlled Designation of Origin. Some of them:...
Category: Wine
More Wines
More grape varieties are cultivated in the area, and some of them don't have specific sets of rules for their production, but their characteristics are certainly typical of the area.
Category: Wine
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