Rete di Riserve del fiume Sarca - basso corso

nome fotografia1
Sarca and castle from North (photo by Cretti)
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View of the path sat 425 (photo by Nino Matteotti)
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Geese (photo by Cretti)

A Park without borders, where water is the protagonist

The lower course of the Sarca river extends from the Limarò canyon to the mouth of the Garda Lake, for a total extension of 27 km.
Lakes, lunar landscapes, cultivated fields and fascinating paths characterize this environment mostly known for its mild climate, which in the past made it and still makes it the favorite trail of those travelers who climb down towards the Garda lake, looking for the mediterranean environment. A territory which has been inhabited since the ancient times, where bridges, castles and churches help reading its history. Within the river park there are eighteen protected areas with different habitats, which make the park an important container of biodiversity due to the presence of many flora and fauna species, some of which are present only in this part of Trentino. The whole territory builds an important ecological corridor, connecting the Garda Lake, the Protected Areas and the Adamello Brenta Park. In its lower part there are five lakes: the three biggest ones are S. Massenza, Toblino and Cavedine, and the two small ones called Bagattoli and Laghisol.

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