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Boniprati (photo by Rete di Riserve Valle del Chiese)
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Baitoni, Lake Idro Biotope (photo by Rete di Riserve Valle del Chiese)
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Bondone, Castel San Giovanni (photo by Rete di Riserve Valle del Chiese)

Tales between water and landscapes: a full-immersion in nature

Wide grazing lands dotted by malghe, lonely and apparently harsh mountaintops, peat bogs and small lakes, hosted in natural and wonderful bowls. Dense spruce woods only interrupted here and there by colourful fields, old contorted chestnut trees, plantations cut through a complex channels’ system that remind the ancient traditions. From 2376 mt. of Mt. Remà to 371 mt. of the rushes in Lake of Idro, the Network of Riserve Valle del Chiese hosts a vast array of valuable landscapes, with its 11 protected areas. Many little blocks linked together thanks to River Chiese, whose flow represents the network’s load-bearing structure.
A land to be discovered, for those curious, attentive and careful tourists who enjoy glimpses of unforeseen nature, boundless landscapes, sounds and silence, colours and aromas, encounters and true feelings.  

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