Riserva naturale Regionale dell'Alpe della Luna

Opening image Riserva naturale Regionale dell'Alpe della Luna
The Reserve covers a wide area which, from the watershed of Alpe della Luna, degrades both towards Valtiberina and towards the Marches. The total surface is of 1540 hectares, while its altitude goes from about 520 to 1453 meters. It is mainly a large woodland (as a matter of fact, the 86% of the surface is covered with woods), but also non forest environments can be found. At higher altitudes, the beech wood dominates, while at lower altitudes there are woods made of Turkey oaks, hop hornbeams, etc. The uniqueness of Alpe della Luna lies in its great isolation which has given this area the opportunity to maintain an almost wild state; there are no important communication roads, but only forest roads and trails for hikers, nor important settlements within it. Where in Italy Riserva naturale Regionale dell'Alpe della Luna

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