Riserva Naturale Orientata Bosco della Ficuzza, Rocca Busambra, Bosco del Cappelliere e Gorgo del Drago


Points of Interest

History, Landscape, and Man

The Royal Palace

The building, situated at the far end of a large open space and delimited on the left by low buildings dating back to the same period, is the so-called "Real Casina di Caccia" (Royal Hunting Lodge). It was built according to the will of Ferdinand IV Bourbon when, after escaping from Palermo because of the Naples revolution (January 1799), he was looking for ideal places for hunting and entertainment, its favorite hobbies.

Rocca Busambra

White and spectacular, it rises on the green mantle covering the soil of the gentler slopes. Its geological origin has been a matter of debate among paleontologists and geologists for about one century: only recent studies carried out with advanced techniques have given the opportunity to reconstruct its history.

Further information (Italian text)

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