Riserva Naturale del Bosco di Montalto

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Bosco Montalto (photo by RR Bosco di Montalto)

The Nature Reserve develops on a small area of 20 hectares, but consists of a wood very rich in species and old trees. The wood is dominated by beech tree, hop hornbeam (particularly abundant in the less fertile areas) and Italian maple, together with European ash, field maple, sycamore maple, lime tree, whitebeam, Alpine laburnum, mountain elm, and Norway maple. On the Sillano argillites the arboreal plan is dominated by beech tree, Turkey oak, Italian maple, and white hornbeam, together with European ash, field maple, and yew. The wood presents a stratified structure given both to a considerable richness in flora and to a temporary diversification of the population, since it derives from the aging of more than one turn coppice-with-standards.

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Surface Area: 20.00 ha
Provinces: AR
Establishment: 1996
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