Riserva Naturale Integrale Bosco Nordio

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(photo by RR Bosco Nordio)
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(photo by RR Bosco Nordio)
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(photo by RR Bosco Nordio)

A Woodland of Over 1,000 Years of Age...

Characterized by the presence of the flowering ash-ilex grove, a rare formation representing an important relict of the forests which were widespread in the past along the upper Adriatic coastal area. The presence of Mediterranean species (ilex, butcher's broom, Etruscan honeysuckle) and of entities included in the "Regional Red Lists of the Italian Plants", of rare and very rare species in the Italian flora (phyllirea, Osyris alba, marsh helleborine) is also worth a mention. There are several species of animals typical of the forests, which are absent or rare in the adjacent territories (long-eared owl, short-eared owl, sparrowhawk...).

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Surface Area: 113.54 ha
Provinces: VE
Establishment: 1971
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