Riserva Naturale Orientata Capo Gallo

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Landscape (photo by RR Capo Gallo)
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Landscape (photo by RR Capo Gallo)
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Landscape (photo by RR Capo Gallo)

A Promontory Facing the Sea

Mt. Gallo is a carbonate relief which formed from the Mesozoic (225 million years ago) to the Middle Eocene (54 and 33.7 million years ago). It is a karstic mountain presenting several superficial and endogenic erosive features and several cavities. Mt. Gallo is a promontory facing the sea. The northern slope has maintained well-preserved natural features, while the southern slope is characterized by a stony, barren, and steppe-like soil: today is a grassland dominated by Ampelodesma, while in the past it was cultivated with olive trees and carob trees.

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Identity Card
Surface Area: 585.83 ha
Provinces: PA
Establishment: 2001
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