Riserva naturale locale Fobbie - Laghetto della Polsa

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(photo by RR Fobbie - Laghetto della Polsa)
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Marsh Helleborine (photo by RR Fobbie - Laghetto della Polsa)
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Natrix natrix (photo by RR Fobbie - Laghetto della Polsa)

Small wetland, evolution of an ancient small lake

Quality and importance: it is an area with a mainly botanical significance due to the presence of rare flower species not very usual in Trentino.
Vulnerability: mostly connected with the natural evolution of the shrub and tree vegetation of the surrounding wetland, which is expanding to the meadow's detriment. It is remarkable the presence of the common reed (Phragmites australis) which could suffocate the thinner species.
Animal and plant species of community interest whose conservation needs the designation of special areas of conservation (Annex II of the Habitats directive):
Amphibians: Yellow-bellied toad

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Surface Area: 1.80 ha
Provinces: TN
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