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The Casoni

The "Casone" is a typical lake building made of cane and wood, and is an ancient hut/house used by the fishermen from Marano. In the Marano lagoon the most numerous unit of "Casoni" is that situated at the mouth of the Stella river, in the heart of the Nature Reserve.
The typical "casone" of Marano should be the one represented by the many examples situated at the mouth of the Stella river (do not consider the recent buildings because, besides the used materials, also the dimensions of the ancient types of casoni have been misrepresented).
In the past, the casone was used both as a warehouse for the fishing and hunting tools and as a building to eat in, to shelter from the rain and to sleep in. Each family from Marano owned a brick house in Marano and one or more casoni in the lagoon, as a support place to carry out the fishing activity. There were no windows, and if they lit the fire the smoke came out from the cracks of the canes or from the door left open in summer.
Of course the smoke invaded the whole casone, therefore they had to sit low and leave the door open to be able to look at each other, to talk and to breathe. It kept the many mosquitos away, and it was so oily that it stuck to the canes and made them more waterproof.

Lagoon, casoni, Stella river mouth
Lagoon, casoni, Stella river mouth
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