Riserva Naturale Integrale Lastoni Selva Pezzi

nome fotografia1
(photo by RR Lastoni Selva Pezzi)
nome fotografia2
Gentian (photo by RR Lastoni Selva Pezzi)
nome fotografia3
Chamois (photo by RR Lastoni Selva Pezzi)

The Reserve is situated on the slopes of Mt. Baldo degrading towards the lake of Garda. As far as botany and fauna are concerned, it represents one of the most interesting places of the whole area. The landscape is a mosaic of beech tree and silver fir woods, large Mountain pine woods, environments characterized by herbaceous vegetation above the limit of the wood, by cliffs and screes enriched with rare and protected floristic species and rare and endemic faunistic species. Among them, the nesting species are the Goshawk, the Golden Eagle, the Hazel Grouse, the Black Grouse, the Rock Partridge, the Tengmalm's Owl, the Black Woodpecker, the Alpine Swift, the Wallcreeper, the Snow Finch.

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Surface Area: 967.61 ha
Provinces: VR
Establishment: 1971
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