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Gastronomic Traditions

The cuisine of Gallura has very ancient origins and is based on the products of the earth and breeding. The tradition linked to the sea dishes is not so widespread, and is historically reserved to the towns of Olbia, La Maddalena, and to the towns along the coast.
It is an essential cuisine characterized by strong tastes. It inherited the use of meat from the culture of shepherds: lamb, kid, and suckling-pig, called in gallurese language Pulcéddu, which is roasted for a long time with ilex tree, lentisk, and strawberry tree timber.
Fishing plays a marginal role in the economy of the island and in Gallura it has been mainly practiced in the ponds and along the rivers. The people who lived along the coast used instruments to catch octopus, cuttlefish, moray eels, and some scorpion fish. The gathering of other shellfish is widespread. Actinias, "bultighjata" in gallurese language, were a real specialty and they were floured in semolina and fried in lentisk oil.

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Sardinian Honey is obtained from many essences: orange tree, tenuous and acidulous; strawberry tree with a strong and bitter taste; strong and reddening heath; rock rose with a slightly saline aroma; thyme, aromatic and penetrating; and finally eucalyptus...
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