Riserva Naturale Orientata Monte S. Calogero (Kronio)


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  • Land Surface Area: 52.25 ha
  • Regions: Sicilia
  • Provinces: Agrigento
  • Municipalities: Sciacca
  • Establishment Measures: DA 366/44 26/07/2000
  • PA Official List: EUAP1104



Riserva Naturale Orientata Monte S. Calogero (Kronio)

Mt. Kronio is famous for the complex architecture of its hypogeum in which air and vapors linked to thermal phenomena circulate. The temperature, stabilizing on average around the 38°C, is sometimes so high that it prevents from the complete exploration of the site. In the entangled development of the cavities, you can distinguish five main caves: Stufe di San Calogero, Grotta del Lebbroso, Grotta di Mastro, Grotta del Gallo, and Grotta di Cucchiara. The latter is a real labyrinth. If you love speleology, you will find extremely interesting observation cues. Mineral water therapy seems to derive from secondary volcanic phenomena that can be dated back to certain historical periods: these phenomena lead to the saturation of the vapors with sulfurous salts having therapeutic effects. The hydromineral heritage of Mt. Kronio, which is not entirely exploited, is one of the richest and most complete in the world.
The different typologies of water (from sulfurous to chloride, bromine, and iodide waters, from almost mineral to bicarbonate-alkaline waters) have been given a popular name: the so-called Holy Water, a bicarbonate-alkaline water, disappeared in 1968 after the earthquake of Valle del Belice, and now it will be probably possible to find it again.
The mountain, of calcareous nature, is colonized by a mainly rocky vegetation, while on the summit near the Sanctuary there is a pinewood. Flora and fauna are still under study.

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