Riserva Naturale Orientata Rossomanno, Grottascura, Bellia

nome fotografia1
Vegetation (photo by RR Rossomanno, Grottascura, Bellia)
nome fotografia2
Territory (photo by RR Rossomanno, Grottascura, Bellia)
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Rossomanno Grotta Scura (photo by RR Rossomanno, Grottascura, Bellia)

Pines and Enchanted Stones...

Rossomanno, Grottascura, Bellia Nature Reserve covers a large area of Ereo territory. Unusual if compared to the other protected areas, it was established to protect a natural environment in which man has played a major role. As a matter of fact, it preserves and safeguards an ancient reforestation area covered with conifers in an area where man has been living since the Bronze Age (8th - 7th century BC), as witnessed by the remains of the ancient village of Rossomanno destroyed in 1394. This area dominated by Sone Pine and Eucalyptus is often characterized by oaks, ilex trees, service trees, chestnut trees, and wild pears, besides a thick herbaceous and shrubby stratum.

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