Didactic Proposals

The Municipality of Marano Lagunare, the body managing the Nature Reserves of Foci dello Stella and Valle Canal Novo, with the contribution of Regione Friuli Venezia Giulia, pays particular attention to environmental-naturalistic education proposals.
The Valle Canal-Novo Nature Reserve becomes for the student a "gym on the environment" where the knowledge of biological elements and natural processes takes place through direct observation and practical feedbacks.
With the active participation and the direct involvement, through sensory experiences, it is possible to understand some curiosities and sensibilities which are useful to deepen their knowledge on a world full of surprises and suggestions.
In order to promote the knowledge of this environment in a way which is appealing, there are didactic-educational activities not only focusing on the natural environment and its biological features, but also on local traditions, fishing methods, experimental prehistory workshops, and much more.
Such proposals, particularly adequate for primary and secondary schools, can be modified and developed according to the specific needs and interests.
The programs symbolically follow the four elements: water, earth, air, and fire and include an assistance service for the workshop activities, carried out by qualified and trained staff.            

Visits by motorboat
The Municipality of Marano Lagunare managing Foci dello Stella and Valle Canal Novo Regional Nature Reserves, organized guided visits by motorboat with the aim to promote the knowledge of the lagoon environment.    

Valle Canal Novo Nature Reserve offers a new and cosy guest house. A structure able to give room and board to 60 guests. A LITTLE BLUE GREEN STAYS. The residential stay lasting more days for classes or groups of students represents an original occasion to thoroughly discover a unique environment among history, nature, and culture. 
It is possible to plan the program according to the specific needs and interests of the teachers.

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Guest house
Guest house
Marano Lagunare
Marano Lagunare
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