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Surface Area: 24'500.00 ha
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View on the Skiern river (photo by Sito Natura 2000)

The river Skjern Å is, in many ways, unique in Denmark. Firstly, it is the river with the largest body of water in the country. Moreover, where the river flows into Ringkøbing Fjord, you will find Denmark's only river delta, which has been restored in one of Northern Europe's greatest nature restoration projects.
In the river Skjern Å, Northern Europe's only remaining wild salmon (the Skjern Å Salmon) lives. This type of salmon can weigh as much as 20 kilograms and it is every angler's dream to catch one. Recently, scientists discovered that the Skjern Å Salmon is the furthest migrating salmon in the world, because it migrates all the way to Svalbard. 

With its system of good footpaths, birdwatching towers, and the possibilities of sailing, cycling and riding, Skjern Å is worth visiting all the year round for the whole family. The area is expected to become a national parks in the next years.

Identity Card
Surface Area: 24'500.00 ha
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