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  • Bar-tailed godwit on lake FertÅ‘ (Fertő-Hanság national park)

1939 was the first time an area was declared protected in Hungary, namely a part of the Great Forest of Debrecen, followed by many others. Protected areas were very small at the beginning: it mainly dealt with parts of forests, forest clearings, pastures, or even specific trees or springs. Read more


National parks

Unesco World HeritageUnesco Man and BiosphereFertő-Hanság national park23.731 ha
 Aggtelek national park20.170 ha
 Balaton-felvidéki national park56.997 ha
Unesco World HeritageThe European Diploma of Protected AreasBükk national park43.254 ha
 Duna-Dráva national park49.478 ha
 Duna-Ipoly national park60.314 ha
Unesco World HeritageHortobágy national park82.000 ha
 Körös-Maros national park50.134 ha
 Őrség national park44.000 ha
 Parco nazionale Kiskunság53.000 ha

The photo next to the name of the protected area means that you will find information directly updated by the respective Park Authorities.
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