Zona Speciale di Conservazione Lago di Ragogna

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Cod. RN2000: IT3320020
Surface Area: 83,00 ha
Provinces: UD
  •  (photo by PP Zanchetta)
  •  (photo by PP Zanchetta)
  • hydrophytic vegetation of Ragogna lake (photo by ZSC Lago di Ragogna)

Water and wet habitats around the intramorenic lake

The site is important because it protects the lake environment of the only intermorenic lake in the Tagliamento area. In addition to the purely aquatic habitats which, along with Nymphaea alba and Nuphar luteum, are the only Trapa natans points, there is a population of Najas marina, present in a few regional locations. Along with the aquatic habitats, there are willow and marsh woods with black alders. The site also includes a more agricultural part that still preserves meadows, separated by hedges and wood of white hornbeams. Also, for fauna, this site appears to be a significant wetland located in the Friulian morainic context and hosts different species of community interest. The site is important for the presence of the Italian agile frog (Rana latastei) and the Italian crested newt (Triturus carnifex), amphibians included in Annex II of the Habitat Directive. Among the bird species, the presence in the reproductive period of kingfisher (Alcedo atthis), little bittern (Ixobrychus minutus) and red-backed shrike (Lanius collurio) should be noted: these species frequent the aquatic environments and vegetation, while L. collurio is present in the neighbouring agricultural environments.

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