Sito d'Interesse Comunitario e Zona di Protezione Speciale Rii del Gambero di torrente

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Cod. RN2000: IT3320040
Surface Area: 25,50 ha
Provinces: UD
  • Austrapotamobius torrentium (photo by Luca Lapini)
  •  (photo by Luca Lapini)

A species living among the waters that flow into the Danube

The site hosts the last three known Italian points for Stone crayfish (Austropotamobius torrentium). Its conservation status in the Tarvisiano area generally appears to be slightly better than previous knowledge. The Stone crayfish is a species that lives mostly in small mountain streams, in fresh and unpolluted waters. Usually these watercourses have a rocky substrate with foliage on the seabed and are full of ravines; they flow in woodland contexts characterized by the presence of mixed forests dominated by deciduous essences. The site is also affected by the presence of some habitats of community interest, among which there are neutrophilous beechwoods, pine forests with endemic pines (red pine and black pine) and meadows. In any case, management actions in this context should favour the Stone crayfish protection and its habitat.

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