Sito d'Interesse Comunitario Monti della Laga e Lago di Campotosto

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Cod. RN2000: IT7120201
Surface Area: 15.816,00 ha
Provinces: AQ, TE
  • Campotosto Lake, brooms (photo by M. Anselmi)
  • Barche Waterfall (photo by Luciano Del Sordo)
  • Bird species in the Campotosto Lake (photo by Adriano De Faveri)

Where water plays, and feeds nature

The Laga Mountains are one of a kind in the Apennines, and they mainly consist of sandstones and marls. The waterproof rocks stop rainwater from penetrating the subsoil, therefore it flows on the surface, creating trickles, streams, torrents and rivers flowing downstream and forming many beautiful and fascinating waterfalls. Such geological feature makes both a particular vegetation and the fauna to develop: the water basins below the waterfalls are the ideal environment for the reproduction of many amphibian species. The Laga Mountains' waters flow into the Campotosto Lake, an artificial basin situated at an altitude of 1,313 m which represents the biggest lake in the Abruzzi, and one of the most important ones in the apennine central Italy. The lake represents the water environment having the largest number of bird species in the whole region.

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