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Underwater itineraries

Inside the AMP Torre del Cerrano it is possible to carry out underwater activities as part of the monitoring programme of marine animal and plant species that characterize the different protection areas.
In front of Torre Cerrano it is also possible to observe snokelling (equipped with mask, flippers and snorkel) the remains of the ancient submerged harbour of Hadria, the current Atri.

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Torre del Cerrano
Torre del Cerrano

Land itineraries

The AMP Torre del Cerrano has a geographic position of particular interest also for what concerns the movements in the neighbouring areas. In just 10 minutes you could reach Atri, the evocative city of art and queen of the Abruzzo hills. Beautiful and varied is the nature environment in which the city is totally immersed. The Ravines are a fascinating erosive phenomenon of atmospheric agents compared to the Dantesque rocks. Also called "Scremoni", they are ravines composed of pilocene clay, whose depth reaches 300 meters deep and beyond. Today these natural monuments are protected by the Regional Natural Reserve of the Atri Ravines.

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One of the most ancient towns of Abruzzi
On foot On foot
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The Nature Reserve of the GulliesThe Nature Reserve of the Gullies
The gullies: an extremely fascinating phenomenon
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Great interest: Wildlife Great interest: Geology 

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